What kind of facilities benefit from using a Pro-Tech system?

Equine facilities, Veterinary clinics, Bovine housing, Poultry houses, Zoos, commercial trash areas and backyard pool and patios all use and enjoy Pro-Tech systems. Controlling flies, mosquitoes, gnats, malodors, etc., creates a healthier environment for you and your cherished animals.

What size system will I need for my application?

Pro-Tech offers four different system sizes. Pro-Tech is the only company that offers such a variety, guarantee of quality and price range. Call for assistance ( 1-800-776-5005 )

How many spray nozzles do I need for my facility?

In horse barns, we normally suggest one misting nozzle for each approximate 12'x12' stall plus a few for the aisles, doorways and grooming and wash areas. Each nozzle will control approximately 1,000 to 1,500 cu. ft. of airspace, depending on the normal air currents in your facility.

What is Pro-Tech's system warranty?

The model SS10 has a one-year warranty. Models SS50, SS100 and SS150 all have a two-year warranty. (Warranty requires that you only use solutions sold by Pro-Tech). Pro-Tech leads the way in quality and features and our warranty shows our confidence in your satisfaction.

What is the name of Pro-Tech's insecticide and what is it made from?

The name is Py-Tech, our dependable year in and year out performer. Py-Tech contains two active ingredients, one of which is pyrethrum, derived from a specific member of the chrysanthemum family. The other is an extract of the sassafras root. The actives are combined with an emulsion system, which prevents product separation. The final additive is deionized water. Py-Tech is purposely formulated without adding inexpensive petroleum distillate fillers. There will be no oily walls or floors to contend with and no petroleum to ingest.

Can I install my own system?

Yes! Excellent instructions are provided, however, we have qualified representatives in over forty states who are trained to provide quality installation and maintenance of your Pro-Tech system. We highly recommend their services.

How long will my Py-Tech last before I will need a refill?

Our finely machined spray nozzles each emit approximately 1.1 ounce per minute at 160 p.s.i.. The average customer sprays about four minutes total per day (e.g. 6 times per day at 40 seconds per application). This equates to a usage of about one gallon per nozzle per month. (e.g. A 15 nozzle system with a 30 gallon reservoir would need refilled every two months.)

What kind of maintenance does the Pro-Tech system require?

Before each refill we suggest you clean your suction filter with water. In areas of the country that experience hard freezing conditions, we recommend you winterize your system. This simple procedure should take less than 30 minutes once a year. Call for details. When Spring arrives, we suggest cleaning out your reservoir before mixing up a new batch of Py-Tech. Replace old nozzle tips when necessary.